Cadillac Adds Another Sedan to the Mix

You'll have several gorgeous sedan options here at our Burlington, NC Cadillac dealership, but our favorite luxury automaker is rarely satisfied with what works well. Adding the new 2020 Cadillac CT5 to the mix makes for yet another excellent option, adding more space in the rear seats, upgrading interior materials and providing you with ample capabilities that you'll enjoy while driving around Greensboro and Chapel Hill. Visit us in Burlington today and learn more about what's joining our new Cadillac lineup later this fall.



Yes, you'll sadly have to wait out the long and hot summer before the 2020 CT5 makes its debut here in Burlington. But early reports suggest you'll do well patiently waiting for this low-profile, wide-stance sedan with the style to match its layers of performance. Two turbocharged engines, one a four-cylinder, the other a V-6, will be available, providing smooth and dynamic driving for your travels around North Carolina. Both of those engines are paired with a high-end 10-speed automatic transmission, providing smooth acceleration that you'll certainly appreciate.

Being a new Cadillac, of course the upcoming CT5 will feature all kinds of high-end technology. The Cadillac Super Cruise system is a semi-autonomous driving system that uses GPS technology and cameras and radars to provide hands-free driving in certain situations. While the CT5 won't be here until the fall, you'll soon be able to reserve yours, so don't hesitate to visit our Cadillac dealership in Burlington to learn more.

Visit Modern Cadillac of Burlington today to find out more about the upcoming 2020 CT5.

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