Premium Cadillac Service is Offered Right Here in Burlington, NC

If you select a luxury vehicle like a Cadillac Escalade, XTS or XT5, you'll also want that same high-end level of service and maintenance, which you can find right here at our Burlington, NC dealership. With our Cadillac experts working the service center here in Burlington, taking care of everything from simple oil and filter changes to major repairs is a breeze. Furthermore, we regularly offer some useful service specials you'll want to consider before making your next visit in your Cadillac.



From the time you buy a new Cadillac here in Burlington, you'll be reminded to keep up on your specific model's factory-recommended maintenance schedule. That's not only so we can provide the professional level of care on your Cadillac when it's needed, but also to regularly have expert sets of eyes looking through the important systems and parts of your Escalade, XT5 or XTs.

When you're ready for your next visit, take a moment to schedule service with us in Burlington. Keeping your Cadillac ready for all your travels around North Carolina and beyond is a great way to not only stay safe, but to also make sure your model's resale value remains at its peak.

For your maintenance and repair needs, use the service center at Modern Cadillac of Burlington and visit us today to get started.

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